Bitter Cold Weather

As all of us know this past weekend was truly bitter cold, yes it has significantly warmed up today but, while the memory of ten and fifteen degrees below zero is still frozen in our minds we would like to take this opportunity to bring to your attention the need for building your new home with the specifications that provide you with an Incredibly Well Insulated Home.

For those of you that consistently follow this blog you know that Vermont Modular strives to build one of the state’s most energy efficient homes.  We want you to live in a home that is very Energy Efficient.  We are proud to build homes that are not like everyone else; we constantly try to do it better.

The Vermont Energy Code requires you to have an R-Value in your exterior walls of R-21.  The “R-Value” assigned to a wall indicates its resistance to heat loss, so the higher the R-Value the greater the resistance to heat moving through the exterior wall.  The higher the R-Value the less heat is lost.  The less heat that is lost improves your home’s Energy Efficiency.

While Vermont’s energy code requires R-21 we build homes with an exterior wall with an R-Value of R-37½ or a 56% improvement in Energy Performance.

Isn’t it obvious that the better your home performs the more Energy Efficient your home will be?  We think that is an obvious conclusion.

When building our new homes we use a combination of technologically advanced building products to create an exterior wall that is superior.  Using the building products is only part of the process; we continue to improve on the Energy Performance by using building techniques that further enhance the performance of our homes.

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