Build your new home? You can help!

Back in 1991 and for the past twenty five years we have been delivering homes throughout Vermont and The North Country of New York. 

Over all those years our number one most popular home has been an “Unfinished Cape Cod” style home where the second floor is not done, it is left for the homeowners to complete on-their-own.  The HUGE advantage of this option is the significantly reduced amount of “Up-Front” money that is needed; it is often referred to an “An Affordable Cape.”  But, regardless of what you call it the Cape represents a fantastic value!

The photographs from last Friday show the second floor as the completion starts.  Usually the homeowners or their family and friends do the work and the result is a huge savings.

Today’s photograph shows one of our older Capes that was delivered as unfinished, it is now the home to babies that are all grown up and have loved their home for many years.

Today’s home was finished by owners and their families.

Can we build your new home?

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