Building your new cottage?

For the past twenty-five years Vermont Modular has been delivering homes throughout Vermont and The North Country of New York.  For roughly twenty of those years our normal client was a young couple looking for their first home; our most popular style of home was The Cape Cod. The Cape represents a teriffic value where the “up-front-cost” was kept to a minimum.  Most of those homes were delivered as an “Unfinished Cape” where the second floor would be completed onsite usually by the young couple owning their first home.

What has become our New Normal is today’s typical client.  Most of us are looking for a much smaller home designed for two-ish people.  Hey, the kids are grown and gone and it is just the two of us; why do we need such a big house? 

Our New Norm includes homes that are significantly smaller, far more energy efficient, include amenities usually not included within a first home.

As you contemplate your new home it is a wise idea to develop your own list of things you Must Have and eliminate those things that are frivolous.  Our New Norm house is usually all on one floor for easy living.  It includes things like bigger doors for easier maneuverability, wider halls, a better designed kitchen, and very close attention being paid to bathrooms.

Did you realize that the bathroom is the most dangerous room of any home?  Bare feet and slippery floors contribute to falls far too often.  A longtime friend of the family recently lost his life with a bathroom fall.

Here at Vermont Modular our New Norm is rapidly changing and as we design new homes we are constantly trying to incorporate those things to make your new home more safe, enjoyable, livable, and energy efficient.

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