Can I sill order my home for this year?

Do you believe it is already the first of September?  Where did the time go?  I am suggesting that Summer simply slow down and hang around longer.  This coming weekend is Labor Day the unofficial end of summer.  (excuse me while I weep and wail)

Just this morning we were down in southern Vermont checking out a job site and finalizing drawings for a winter ski house.  The plans call for this rather large ski house to be finished and occupied by Thanksgiving.  Is that possible?  Of course it is!

Those of you that are sitting on the fence trying to make up your mind about a 2016 build still have plenty of time to be in your new home a whole lot sooner that you might think.

We’ve been very busy doing drawings and developing designs for this fall construction.  It really is a terrific time to be planning your new Vermont Modular home.

Modular homes have many many advantages but having the project move along quickly is one of the most outstanding features of a System Built Home, a.k.a. Modular Home.

Since your new home is built in a controlled environment the actual construction of your new home does not stop because the weather gets nasty.  Or another way to look at it….., it doesn’t rain inside the plant so construction can continue rapidly.  All that contributes to the increased productivity associated with modular homes.  Productivity leads to better built homes at a lower cost to you.


  • Give us a call, just this afternoon we confirmed two appointments to discuss the details of folks’ new dream home.  That’s happening this week.
  • Call and we will arrange a factory tour and a visit to The Design Center.  Talk about a great way to understand what will happen! 

Yup!  There is more than enough time!

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