Captain Obvious, should he visit your home?

For the past couple days we’ve been talking about fixing the Cold Air Penetration spots in your basement.  We’ve looked at the huge hole in the floor caused by the bathtub drain and then moved on to the “never used” basement floor drain.

We think that both of those ideas are worth point out since they typically are big sources of Cold Air.

Today let’s take a look at things that are apparent.  Perhaps these items are so apparent and so noticeable that we just might need to call upon the services of Captain Obvious to help:

  1. Basement windows – go down in the basement and close the basement windows that you opened last spring; winter is coming so it is time to close them NOW.
  2. Basement door – this may sound dumb but I’ve visited homes at this time of the year where the basement door is wide open.  Don’t do that, close the door!
  3. Other openings – look around in the basement for other openings, things like an old Coal Shoot, or access panel for who knows what, these things need to be tightly closed and sealed up for the winter.

If you are having trouble, give us a call, we will send a telegraph to Captain Obvious and ask him/her to visit your abode to help you find those obvious things.

Have fun.  Oh…….., what are you doing this weekend?  This is the time to get started.

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