Caulk those windows! Oh……, wait a minute.

Yesterday we commented that installing Replacement Windows sounds great but it is expensive, very expensive, takes a very long time to recover your investment, and probably is a solution that does not make financial sense.  You will see on line, in print advertising, on TV, and radio that you absolutely should replace your windows.  Well it just doesn’t make sense!

Today let’s look at a CHEAP idea and see if it makes sense.  Remember out goals are to have improvements 1) be effective and also 2) be cheap.  Replacement windows are effective but most assuredly not cheap.  Today’s idea that is out there is for you to “Caulk The Windows Shut.”  I am assuming they mean so that it will eliminate cold drafts.

Honestly this is truly a CHEAP concept.  How much can a couple tubes of caulk cost?  Not much!  So yes this idea satisfies the inexpensive but, there are a couple questions to consider before rushing out to the hardware store for caulk.

  • Where does the caulk go?  Inside could be messy and ugly.  Outside or inside could also make the windows NOT WORK throughout the winter.  I’ll bet the Fire Department would have a problem with that one.
  • How do you remove the caulk in the spring?  As April and May arrive I can see a significant problem removing the caulk.

Then let’s look at actually how effective caulking your windows is going to be.  If you shut your windows tightly it should be fairly effective.

I’m thinking that the Caulking of Windows may be cheap but it isn’t really effective. Suggestion!  Don’t rush out and buy caulk; skip on this idea.

EXCEPTION – if your windows are literally falling apart with rotting sashes then go back to replacement windows.

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