Cold Air Penetration 101.

So far we have talked about how Dense Cold Air basically forces it way into your home through all kinds of tiny cracks and crevices.  The air wants to force itself in because it is so much more dense and has a greater weight.  That weight pushes against the warm air inside and forces itself inside.

Today let’s look at some spots where the Cold Air Penetrates into your home.  Remember we are chasing those things that when fixed will make a significant improvement and are cheap.

If we were to use spray foam everywhere it would make a huge improvement but I would cost a fortune.  Remember it must be cheap.

Take a look at today’s photograph.  Towards the bottom of the picture you will see the concrete foundation and the top part is the wood framing of the house.  The bright light in the middle is a crack that is letting light get into the basement.  But just wait, when it gets cold that crack will allow huge amounts of cold air to penetrate into the basement.

As the Dense Cold Air enters the basement it absorbs heat from inside the house.  As the cold air warms it expands in size and increases the pressure inside the house that in turn forces the warm air out.  Isn’t that Heat Loss!!??

Today’s problem is the huge crack in the picture.  Today’s solution is to fill that void with spray foam.  A large can of spray foam at any of the Big Box Stores is roughly five bucks.  So, for CHEAP you will make a huge difference!  Personally I like foam but you can also use caulk, both are effective and both are cheap.

None of this is rocket science but all of it will make your home so much more energy efficient.

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