Counter Top upgrade

For the past couple days we have been wandering around the kitchen and checking out some of the various options that have become popular; we looked at keeping things cold and making things hot.

Today let’s look at one of the most prominent parts of all kitchens – the countertops.  Actually today’s photograph shows several of the items we have been talking about.  On the right side of the picture in the countertop is an Induction cooktop; all there is to see is what looks like one piece of black glass where is the cooking surface of an induction cooktop.  On the left side of the kitchen is a double wall oven with one of the ovens being the microwave, similar to what we have mentioned.

The clean white cabinets add to the modern look of this beautiful kitchen.

The Solid Surface Countertops tie everything together into one cohesive unit.  Kitchen design rests heavily on the choice of countertops as they are so important for both looks and functionality.  Let’s face it; the counter top is where virtually all the kitchen work is accomplished.

Solid surface counter tops are so very popular today and cover a wide range of products, colors, designs, and material.  When people select Granite Countertops they are selecting a 100% natural produce, it is a large slab of stone that is mined from the earth, cut into slabs, highly polished, and eventually cut exactly to fit your kitchen.

Granite is only one of many types of Solid Surface countertops.  Corian, Quartz, acrylic sheets, composites, and stained concrete; all of these are manufactured products so the color choice you select at the very beginning is exactly what you will get.

Once upon a time there were so few options and choices; today there are hundreds of colors, patterns, and textures.  Honestly, it can easily become overwhelming.  Don’t despair, the shopping around and making the choices can be exciting and bring your new kitchen up to a Show-Case Kitchen.

Upgraded kitchen counter tops have become so popular that the prices have stabilized but, don’t expect them to be cheap.

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