Over the weekend we received several emails from folks who follow our blog.  Several disagreed with our belief that building 24” o.c. is better.  Remember, we think it works better because it provides fewer thermal bridges which in turn ends up with LESS Heat Loss.

I was pleasantly surprised to read from several of you that strongly agreed, 24” o.c. is better.  Well folks, it seems as though some of us agree.

For those of you that disagree – that is perfectly ok.  Remember, Vermont Modular has built our business on the concept of Custom Built homes.  So, if you want something and believe strongly that you are right, we will build your new home exactly the way you want.

Earlier today I had a lengthy discussion with a prospective homeowner about how they want their new home built.  We talked for hours and together we arrived at what looks like something he exactly wants in his new home. 

That discussion incorporated Energy Conservation and Costs to create something new and honestly I think is very exciting.

Let’s face it, if ideas don’t make any sense financially then they are simply not going anywhere.  The idea here was to reduce costs, save money and then take that saved money and invest it in Solar Panels to generate the power to run the home.


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