Danger lurks in the garage!

We live in Vermont and one of life’s great treasures is having a garage.  Having a garage allows you to avoid all sorts of tasks that are, shall we say, less than exciting.

Who among us enjoys scraping ice and snow off the car in the driveway?  Who among us likes the walk in the rain from the house to the car in the driveway?  Who among us is happy to see that somewhere in the night there was a brief rain shower that has now ruined yesterday’s trip to the car-wash?  The car-wash one doesn’t apply to those of you that live on dirt roads.

See why it is so easy to love your garage!  Plus, where would you put all that junk if it weren’t for the garage?  Where would you put the lawn mower, snow blower, can of gas, paint, paint thinner, and all kinds of assorted stuff?  See why it is so easy to love your garage!

All of those nasty things in the garage are constantly giving off smells.  It seems as though none of us care; isn’t that the way a garage is supposed to smell?  Oh wait, the worst offender is the car itself.  We know lots of people with Remote Starters for the car; this way the car is warm when you are ready to leave the house in the morning.

The air quality inside the garage is really BAD.  The dangerous stuff is carbon monoxide and all those other lovely items are off-gassing all day long.

The big deal comes when you open the door that goes out into the garage.  Because of the temperature differences between the garage and the house there are pressure differentials also.  As you open the door into the garage a huge amount of noxious air quickly enters your home.

The obvious solution is to ventilate your garage so that the noxious fumes are expelled outside rather than going inside your home. 

Be careful, the garage’s contents can be problematic both for bad air quality and as a potential fire hazard. 

We all love our garages but need to take care at the same time.

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