Deliveries – are you interested?

Where has the time gone?  This is the last weekend of April 2016 and this Sunday will be May 1.  For a long time I’ve always thought of May as the unofficial start of summer.

Over the past several months we have been talking with a lot of folks with plans and dreams of building their new home in 2016.  The demand for new homes seems to be significantly greater this year than has been the case for the past many years.

Virtually everything that we have been reading tells us that the Real Estate inventory is very very low.  For a lot of reasons there are not many homes for sale.  At the same time that supply (numbers of For Sale homes) is very low the demand (people looking to buy) is exceptionally high.

What is happening is the most basic and simple of economic rules.  Low supply and high demand will drive prices upward.  Those few homes that are for sale are getting top dollar prices.  Yes, interest rates are very low and our buying power is greater but that doesn’t help if there’s nothing for sale that we like.  See the dilemma?

Here are Vermont Modular we are seeing increased demand and fortunately we have not raised our prices for almost three years now.  Modular homes represent a significant home value!

Every home we build is 100% Custom Built, you will have your new home exactly the way you want; right down to the tiny details.

Call us and let’s see what we can do together!

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