Did someone call? Is this delivery or take out?

Let’s see, we have built our foundation, attached sill plates, water-proofed the foundation, installed perimeter drains, and backfilled the ground against the foundation.  Then we checked in at the plant and saw that the house was underway and being built inside, away from the harsh elements of Mother Nature. 

Yup, it looks as though everything is good to go.  All we need now is for someone to bring us a home.  Oh look…………….., here it comes now.

Each module is sitting on its own carrier and has been transported from our factory to the job site.  These particular trucks went to a job site in Windsor County Vermont.  The modules for this home will be assembled tomorrow.  The delivery usually happens late in the afternoon ending a long drive for the trucks.

We are sure you have, at one point, seen modular homes being hauled down the highway with all their flashing yellow lights and escort vehicles that precede the trucks; they are looking for awkward or potentially dangerous highway hazards.  And occasionally you will notice that a Police escort is necessary.  The use of the police cars is determined by the width of the truck and house module.  Not all deliveries require police escorts.

In today’s photograph you will see that there are four modules and look carefully you will see an escort vehicle.  These modules will be placed on the property awaiting the Heavy Crane that will arrive in the morning.  Only one truck will actually remain to haul all of the carriers back to the plant.  The other trucks will be leaving shortly for the ride back to the plant.

As you can see in this picture the weather is beautiful, we hope that happens every time but occasionally it does rain.

Tomorrow we will watch the crane hoist the modules up in place.  It is truly an exciting day.

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