Did you clean out your rain gutters?

Yesterday we talked about Chimney Fires as a huge point of safety.  Today we will talk about rain gutters in an attempt to avoid an accident; a costly accident.

Take a look at today’s photograph; that is an accident waiting to happen.

Throughout the summer and especially in the fall your gutters can easily fill with all kinds of junk that will clog the down-spout causing the gutter to fill with water.  In the summer this is a truly nasty problem because “standing water” is a perfect breeding place for mosquitoes.  We could have a long discussion about mosquitoes and the health problems can cause but let’s save that for next summer.

This time of year that standing water is apt to freeze.  Ice isn’t the accident that is waiting to happen.  The added weight of all that water and/or ice is apt to be too much for the gutter and at some awkward moment the gutter will break loose from the house and down it comes.  If the gutters are full of water/ice they will easily weigh hundreds of pounds and most assuredly will cause all kinds of damage on the way down.  I have seen photograph where frozen gutters crash through windows, yank siding off the house, and all sorts of things we wish didn’t happen.

It’s time to drag out the ladder and clean the gutters.  I’ll bet they are full of leaves, twigs, bird poop, dead mosquitoes and other bugs.  All this stuff quickly rots over the summer and fall creating something akin to a huge sponge that holds a lot of water which is a lot of weight and it is that weight that’s going to cause the problem.

Remember your gutters are meant to drain water away not act as a temporary pond.

Be careful on that ladder and if you are nervous about going up there it might be the right time to hire someone.  Have fun!

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