Dirt in the air, that would be your air

Every time you go looking in your home for places where air has found a Path way to escape and drag along precious heat, it is relatively easy to find.

Let’s pretend that you are up in the attic where all that icky insulation is.  The majority of you will find that the insulation in the attic is Fiberglass insulation that comes in rolls and is put in place to keep the heat from escaping and having you use less energy.  The “Less Energy” item is our thing here at Vermont Modular.

If you were to pick-up a corner of the insulation and carefully look at it you’d see that parts of the Pink Insulation is dark in color.  The typical thought is that the discoloring of the insulation is just dirt collecting up in the attic.  After all we know that the attic is really not a lovely place.

The next time you are inspecting the insulation look more carefully and you will see that there are probably “dark streaks” in the pink fiberglass.  Not all of the insulation will be darkened, only portions and many times in a straight line.

Those dark lines are caused by air finding a Path to escape from a leaky point in your home to the outside.  That is simply called a Path Way.  Path ways are obviously not good as they are a clear source of heat loss.

As the air moves through the Path it has dust in it.  The dust is not anything particularly significant as it is ordinary dust that is always in the air.  What happens is that the dust is trapped in the fiberglass insulation and leaves a discolored streak.  That streak is a great way to see the Path Way of escaping air.

All this is really not high tech but it will help you find where the air is coming from.  All you need to do then is seal off the hole and you will have made progress in Energy Conservation.

Have Fun up in the attic!

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