Does your home breathe and spit fire?

Over the past months we have constantly talked about energy efficiency, it is what we are concerned with!  Actually we are talking about stopping heat loss in your home and that in turn will have your home using less energy.  Yes, there are other things that consume energy as well such as your refrigerator, hot water heater, laundry, and so on.  But, for today let’s talk about heating your home in the winter.  After all, this is Vermont!

For those of you reading along with us, we have talked about Cold Air Penetration and Paths where warm air exits.  Remember the conversation about the huge hole in the floor under your tub/shower?  Then there is the myriad of pathways in the ceilings where heat escapes upward into the attic.  By the way, have you plugged up the tub/shower hole?  It would be a great project for this weekend!

Believe it or not there are very competent builders out there that will talk with you about how important it is for your home to “breath.”  Please, do not call our office and ask for a good explanation of what that actually means.

The argument goes this way……….., a house needs to breath so it can get fresh air, smell nice, be more comfortable, not have bad breath.  Who knows what else is added to the whole argument about houses breathing.

Folks – people need to breath, houses do not!  In addition to people needing to breath, it is obvious that Dragons also need to breathe.  Me thinks that a breathing house is one where cold air is coming in and warm air is going out.  How’s that for a clever guess!?

We design homes were Cold Air Penetration is reduced to a minimum!  We design and build homes where Pathways for heat loss are also reduced to a minimum!  Oh wait, that means we build homes that don’t breath.  Yup, that’s us!

That also means we build homes that consume less energy to heat the house through the winter.  Yup, that’s us again!

Look back through the Blog Posts and find where we talk about a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV).  The HRV is what introduces fresh air to your home while not wasting energy.

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