Down in the basement, there’s a lot going on!

For the past couple days we’ve been talking about condensation and condensation particularly coming off the foundation walls.  Don’t forget that condensation will only happen during the heat of summer and on days with high humidity.  Also, the condensation will only happen if the basement walls are NOT insulated.

Today let’s take a minute and look at another huge advantage you will see if you insulate your basement properly. 

Normally when we all think of insulation we are thinking winter with all the howling winds, bitter cold, nasty weather, horrible cold, skiing, snowmobiling, warm fires, hot toddies, and family around the fireplace.  (see, it’s not all bad)

When you insulate the basement walls to prevent condensation you also are preventing Cold Air Penetration in the winter.  Remember insulation’s purpose in life is to prevent Heat Loss.  If you can prevent the Cold Air Penetration you will make a HUGE impact on the amount of heat that your home will lose.

Take a look at today’s photograph; in the right hand corner you will see the top of the concrete wall, next is the pressure treated sill plate, and then the perimeter band of the house’s floor deck.  All of those surfaces need to be covered and sealed.

The very best way to effectively seal off the Cold Air Penetration and prevent Condensation is with the use of Spray Foam.

Insulating the basement is a fantastic and worthwhile step to protecting your new home and treating it well.

See, we told you there really is a lot going on down in the basement.

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