Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy Efficient Appliances

It seems as though we are constantly looking at ways to reduce our use of Energy, it really is a big deal with us at Vermont Modular.

Today let’s take a look at home laundry.  Since some families with young kids in the house can easily generate a zillion tons of laundry each week, it makes sense to use only those machines that do a good job and use less energy.  Right?

Today’s Front Loading Machines use on average slightly less than one-half the amount of water that is used in the conventional top-loading machines.  All across the country water is in short supply; droughts have plagued parts of the southwest and California.  We have a responsibility to use less water!  If we cut back on water being used in laundry it also helps with sewage.  Those of you with Septic Systems know that the septic can be greatly hurt by laundry.  By the way, did you know that a Top Loading High Efficiency washing machine uses upwards of 60% less detergent?  That will make a huge impact on your septic system.  Side thought – with a septic, do not use chlorine bleach!  Do not ever use chlorine bleach!  NO!  NO!

The washing machine is only half of the laundry duo.  The other half is the clothes dryer.  If your clothes come out of the washing machine fairly wet it will use a lot more energy to make them dry.  That’s a simple thought.  Did you know that a Front Loading Washing Machine will remove much more of the residual water from the wash cycle?  So, if the washer removes much more water then the dryer will use less energy to dry the clothes.  Egad, this is truly a win win situation.

Important fact about front loading washing machines – read your owner’s manual, it will clearly tell you that it needs to be cleaned.  If you don’t the washing machine will develop a really nasty odor; read the manual, you will be glad you did.



Today’s joke

Question – what does a Snow Man eat for breakfast?

Answer – Frosted Flakes.  (I knew that)

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