Finish work continues; watch progress in motion.

Every time finish work is done on a house it is a completely unique task.  And each task calls for its own set of unique tools and equipment.

The other day we watched as The Heavy Crane hoisted 35,000 pound modules up in place on their permanent foundation.  In today’s photograph you will see the men using a Genie Lift.  This is truly a very cool piece of machinery that allows work to move along much faster, this greatly increases the productivity of the work being accomplished.

Up in “The Basket” the carpenter has full control of the Lift’s functions.  The Lift has four large tires and is obviously Full Time Four Wheel Drive so that it can easily maneuver around in snow or ice or mud.  Let’s face it each job site is different and it wouldn’t be too clever if the Lift got stuck.  I’ve seen these machine slog through two feet of snow and then on the next job work nicely in thick heavy mud. 

As you can see the operator is also the builder.  In this case he is building portions of the front porch where the owner will be sitting shortly to enjoy the view.

Look carefully and you will see lumber up in the basket.  It wouldn’t be much good if you had to go up and down to get tools or lumber.

A well run job has the right tools and equipment. 

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