Finish work starts. (There’s an oxymoron.)

Yesterday we talked about how The Heavy Crane hoisted the modules on the permanent foundation and the very next day work will begin on the finishing of the house. 

Over the next couple days we will point out some of the work that is typically done to complete a modular home.  Please remember that every home from Vermont Modular is 100% Custom Built reflecting the owners’ individual wants and needs so the finish work is also unique to each new home. 

In today’s photograph you can see the men working on what will become the front porch.  The home owner dreams of sitting on their front porch and enjoying a beautiful view to the west, the sunset each day will make it very special.

Also in today’s picture you can see the work going ahead on what will be a three car garage.

Not always but many time things like porches, decks, and garages are built onsite after the modular home has been delivered.  Occasionally the garage will come from the plant as a part of the modular home but, more commonly it is built on-site.

Look carefully at the photograph and you will notice that it appears as though the roof is not finished.  What you are looking at is the entire roof covered with Ice n Water Shield as a special custom roof is going to be installed.  Yes, we will show you pictures of that.

The garage and porch will be finished shortly.  Stay tuned for more pictures as this project moves along.

Enjoy your weekend.

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