Framing your new home, it’s where it all starts.

Yesterday we showed you a picture of an upscale home that has 18’ ceilings.  Typically every home has ceilings that are 8’ tall.  Yes we are capable of building whatever you want.

But, today let’s get back to the fundamental aspects of building our home.  In today’s photograph you can clearly see the framing lumber.  The “Dimensional Lumber” that is being used makes up the plates and studs for our walls.  Obviously you recall the terminology for construction.

When walls are being built they start with plates that will have the studs and Jack Studs attached to the bottom plate and then up top is the top plate.  For stability and strength the top plate is always doubled up.  And, in the corners the top plates crisscross each other creating an interlocking corner; for strength.

On another day we can take a long look at exactly how corners are built.  It can get complicated going around a corner.  Remember strength is always very important. 

Each wall, whether it is interior or exterior, needs to carry “Dead Weight” which is where the weight from above is carried straight down to the foundation of the house.  Dead Weight is carried by walls without consideration for lateral movement, or movement from left to right as compared to straight downward. 

Correcting and strengthening walls for Lateral Load so that they do not move laterally is taken care of with Shear Walls.  A Shear Wall is required by most if not all building codes and it braces the wall against lateral load.  Wind and Seismic effect are the most common considerations in calculating Lateral Load. 

If the Dead Weight is not exactly straight downward it can create Lateral Load.  The worst possible consequence of Lateral Load is that a building will move to the right or left and eventually fall over and collapse; most of the time this is apt to happen with huge amounts of snow up on the roof.  That snow greatly increases the Dead Weight and without proper Shear Walls the building can fail.

Modular Homes are thoroughly engineered and designed so compensate for both Dead Weight and Shear Walls are used throughout. 

You know you’d rather have a well-built modular home!

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