Friday’s building information, you will learn a lot!

Yesterday we managed to assemble Floor joists, Perimeter bands, and Sheets of plywood.  When we properly assembled the parts we had built the Floor Deck. 

Today let’s take another look and see what we did and why things were done the way they were done.

First off – did you know that in a modular home every pieces of lumber is glued and fastened together?  If you take a close look at yesterday’s photograph you will see a tan gooie substance; that’s glue.  Whenever two pieces of anything come together they are first glued and then fastened with nails, screws, or a wide variety of other fasteners.  This process of gluing everything together is seldom done in a typical “site-built” home however; every modular home is loaded with all kinds of glue making a modular the strongest home available. 

There is a reason everything is glued together.  Your new Modular Home must travel from the plant to your property then it is hoisted with a heavy crane on the foundation.  Transit and crane setting is very hard on a home so it absolutely must be built with extra strength

The use of glue and fasteners make a modular a vastly superior home!  The Floor Deck we built yesterday is the basis of the entire home, it must be strong.  Honestly, this is not something we just do; it is something we must do.  The end result is that you will own and live in a far superior home.  Your new home will be better built.  It isn’t rocket science, your new home is extremely strong, it is the best built home available!  All that because we used good products in the proper sequence and a lot of gooie glue!

On Monday we will start to build walls and rooms.  In the mean-time enjoy your weekend.

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