Good afternoon from the New Vermont Modular Homes

Good afternoon, and welcome to Vermont Modular Homes.  Usually, Dave is the one to write these blog posts, but I've been away from the desk for too long.  So I have come bearing news!

For all of our loyal followers, you might have noticed a slight change in the website.  Okay, so it's a complete change of the website.  For starters, if you look up in the URL it now shows instead of - Yes, this is intentional, and part of The New Vermont Modular!  How exciting is that?  Okay, so maybe not so exciting for you, or perhaps you didn't even notice.  It's okay, we will still manage.

So what exactly are the changes, and what is "The New Vermont Modular"?

I'm glad you asked!  The New Vermont Modular is incorporating some new features that up until now have not been a part of the website, or the business model.  I encourage everyone to browse the website, as a great wealth of information has been added.  I also encourage anyone who experiences issues with the site to reach out to us, because we really do want to know how to make your experience better.  You can contact us at

For starters, we are introducing Building Packages.  Each package has a set of specifications unique to that package, as well as some shared specifications that are in every package.  If you navigate to the Building Specifications Page, you will see the building packages listed below.  Each column lists the basic ideas of the package, and down at the bottom you will see "More Details" which will bring you to a page all about that particular package.  These building packages are designed to help you pick out what best suits your needs, and clearly shows what is included (or not included).  We very much hope you find these packages helpful when looking for information on building your home.

We have also introduced The Kitchen Counter Top Configuration Tool.  That's a mouthful to say, but really is quite an interesting tool to use.  On the page, you will see a picture of a lovely kitchen with a nice counter top.  Here's where the magic comes in:  Select a different counter top from the drop down box, and the picture will update with the new counter top.  When you see one you like, click on the picture of the kitchen and a larger image will pop up.  These are just a few ideas to get you started with your kitchen.  Keep an eye on this area, because we will be adding the ability to also change the cabinets.  Soon you could potentially build your entire kitchen with this tool, and see with a good degree of accuracy what it will potentially look like.

Another feature we added is The Build Timeline.  This breaks down the entire process from start to end, so you have a very good idea of what to expect when you start the process of getting a new home.  You Dream, We Build, We Deliver, Your New Home.  Please feel free to take a look and provide your feedback.

We have often heard people asking to see homes we built for our clients, and have gladly provided photographs and information to anyone who asked.  When the questions kept coming, it was obvious to us that we needed a better way to show you what we have done.  Our Portfolio is a list of some of the homes we have built in the past, and will give you a detailed idea of each project.  Each home represents the owners’ individual creativity, and we wish them all the happiness.

We still have our downloads section, which you can find here.  This is very similar to what we had before, and encourage you to browse this at your leisure.  We have placed the bulk of our information on the website, which you can find here.

And if you are finding yourself lost on the website, it's okay!  There's a lot to take in, and you can always scroll to the bottom where you will find all the main navigation areas.  There is more coming - quite a bit more - but let's not ruin the fun with spoilers just yet.

Thank you for being a part of The New Vermont Modular Homes, and welcome!

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