Here’s a hint from Captain Obvious, just for you.

Just this morning Captain Obvious called in with a couple super tips for today.

  1. This weekend, that would be tomorrow night, well………., actually Sunday morning it is the appropriate thing to turn your clocks BACK.  Yup, you get an extra hour’s sleep.
  2. Speaking of basement windows – if your basement window(s) look like today’s picture you might want to consider fixing them.  Remember basement windows are an access for Cold Air Penetration at the bottom of your home.  Here’s a couple ideas of what you can do to improve without breaking the bank:  (as you consider these windows please realize they are typically NOT the highest performing windows in your house)
    1. Cover the window on the inside with insulation.  The easiest way to do this is with a piece of Fiberglass Insulation; that will give you a huge improvement and greatly impact the amount of cold air coming in the house.
    2. Replace the window.  Since basement windows are typically not high performance windows they also are relatively cheap to purchase and replace; far less than a typical “house window.”  If what you have is severely showing its age this just might be the time to measure carefully, go shopping at one of a dozen building supply places, purchase a replacement basement window, and then install it.  Ask in the “Lumber Yard”, I am sure they will be helpful helping you choose the right window.  Remember to measure carefully!

For those of you that actually go ahead and complete these projects, we’d love to see pictures of your work.  I am very sure others would love to see what you have done.

Enjoy.  Again – what are you doing this weekend?

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