This is a holiday weekend. Happy Memorial Day

For the past couple weeks we have been working towards actually starting construction on our Three Bedroom Ranch house.  We picked this house because both the Boomers/Seniors and the Millennials/GenXers all like single floor home.

Here in Vermont the weather is spectacular, the significance of Memorial Day is vividly in our minds.  President Obama’s visit today to Hiroshima has given us all pause to think of the horrors of war and all its suffering.  Today is a day to reflect and appreciate what we have.

I have ordered a brand new American Flag that I’ll put up over this Memorial Day weekend and be a proud American!

Let’s put off until next week the actual construction of our ranch home.  In the mean time we wish all of us a wonderful Memorial Day; hopefully we will remember those that went before us.

From the two of us to all of you……………., Happy Memorial Day!

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