House Wrap Continued

Yesterday we talked about using House Wrap as a way of stopping the wind penetration along with preventing water from entering the exterior wall.  House Wrap which is known by a series of brand names is an amazing product that is used widely in quality built homes.  As you wander around you probably see it being used all the time.

In today’s photograph you are looking at a portion of what will become a two story colonial home here in Chittenden County Vermont.  This modular house is being built inside the factory away from the harsh weather outside.  And, one of its important parts is the outside sheets of OSB board called Sheathing.  On this house the sheathing is Green as you can see in the photograph.  The Black Stripes here and there is a “rubberized” tape with a super sticky backing on it that seals the seams shut to prevent Cold Air Penetration.

The green surface is a product that is put on the sheathing in their factory; it is water proof and wind proof.  Or, it does the same as House Wrap but in another way.  This is commonly called The Zip System because the black tape is referred to as the material that ZIPS everything together.

These are basically the two main ways of adding House Wrap to a quality built home and like so many things both systems have advantages and drawbacks.

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