Household lighting

Last week we looked at kitchens, bathrooms, and floor coverings.  These three things are what can make an ordinary house into a spectacular home; they turn plain into exciting.  Things like colors, textures, materials, design, and a myriad of other things all add up to exciting; it is how you combine everything surrounding the kitchen, bathrooms, and floor coverings – that makes the difference.

Yet there is another huge factor to consider and that’s lighting.  The lighting in a room can certainly set a tone or feel.  For example the lighting in a fast food restaurant is vastly different than what you will experience in a pub.  That same span of light encompasses the atmosphere within your home. 

In the kitchen you are going to want one kind of light, perhaps lighting that reflects sunlight.  The same food will probably be eaten in another room with different lighting yet the food is the same but the lighting creates a unique setting.

As you sit in the living room watching TV you will want muted lighting yet in the same room with company you want something else and again in the same room if you are reading it is still another form of light.  All of the lighting creates the mood within which we love our home.

But wait, the light is only part of what’s to consider.  Typically lighting is accomplished with either incandescent bulbs, Compact Fluorescent bulbs (CFL), and now LED lighting.  Let’s take a longer look at the types of bulbs tomorrow as there is so much to consider.

Look around your home and see if the lighting fixtures are what you want.  Do you want table lamps, recessed ceiling fixtures, hanging pendant lights, wall fixtures, indirect lighting, antique fixtures, dining room chandeliers, and so on.  There are so many options. 

The huge selection of lighting fixtures is a reflection of you and the atmosphere you want to create in your home whether it be modern, contemporary, classic, traditional, or an eclectic mix.  The only single place we make a suggestion is with recessed can lights.  If you are using them in the “top floor” of your home they present a unique insulating problem as they protrude upward into the attic insulation.  Ceiling can lights can and most often are a big source for heat loss.

Lighting is so important, it shows off your kitchen, the bathroom, and lights up the floor coverings.  And, we didn’t even touch on outdoor lighting.

Lighting can make all the difference.  Have fun!

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