Houses need to breath……, not so quick with that one!

All of us at one time or another have heard for been told that, “….your house needs to breath.”  There are many “old time Vermont builders” that sincerely believe that a new home should breath.

Remember back when we would go visit “Grandma” in her old farm house and it seemed to always have a fresh-air smell……., that was her old fashioned home “breathing.”  Or, in other words the windows leaked, the doors were ‘not so good,’ and there were drafts everywhere.  No wonder it smelled like outdoors, the cold air from outside was constantly entering the home and expensive heat was constantly leaving the home.  Isn’t that terrific – well, maybe not so much!

In today’s world of Energy Conservation and Climate Change the goal of a well-built home is to have it built so tight that the heat does not get constantly lost.  Vermont along with the Federal Government and most other states have adopted strict energy codes that are meant to significantly reduce Energy Consumption.

Here at Vermont Modular the Energy Efficiency of a home is one of our most important things.  We pride ourselves on building energy efficient homes where we use a combination of modern building products to create a home that does not contribute to Global Warming and does significantly cut down on your Energy Consumption.

Or………….., to put it another way, we stop houses from breathing.  Let’s face it, people breath, your pets breath, all kinds of farm animals breath, and virtually every living creature breathes.  BUT, houses do NOT breathe.  Further, there is a HUGE sense of confusion about what Breathing houses actually means.

Starting today we are beginning a series of blogs that will talk about:

  • Insulation – R-Values
  • Houses that breath – NO they don’t!
  • Dew Points
  • U-Values
  • Blower Door Tests
  • Air exchange
  • And more………………..

We are hoping this will be an interesting series.  Please stay with us.

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