How about a brief tangent today

Now that we have learned all kinds of terms from joists to jack studs to rough openings and so on………, perhaps it might be helpful if we took a look at exactly what it is that people want in their new homes.  After all, if we are about to build our imaginary “Dream Home” we might want to build what is most popular.  Right?  Sure!

It seems as though Americans are mildly divided as to what they want.  On one hand we have The Millennials and Gen Xers as compared to Boomers and Seniors.

Boomers and Seniors – the Boomers and Seniors, typical ages 50 year old and up, are overwhelmingly looking at homes that are all on one level.  Lately surveys were taken and it seems as though almost three fourths of the Boomers and Seniors are looking for living all on one level.  Almost ninety percent of the Seniors want a home that’s all on the same level, that’s a significant increase over Boomers.

Millennials and Gen Xers – The Millennials and Gen Xers are in the 20’s to mid 40’s age range; they are looking less at one-level living.  Actually only slightly more than one quarter of The Millennials and Gen Xers want a one-level home, they are more apt to look at a Two-Story.

Commonalities – regardless of age there are several things that virtually everyone wants.  It is a huge majority of home buyers are all looking for single family detached homes.  Also, the fact that the home is energy efficient is also very important.  Here at Vermont Modular we really like that.  It is interesting to note that Boomers and Seniors are more concerned with Energy Efficiency than are Millennials and Gen Xers.  Honestly, we were surprised with that.

Weird fact – did you know that there are ninety-two million Millennials?  That is the largest single group of Americans.  Their home buying preferences will greatly influence the Real Estate market for a long time.  Interesting!  (btw, I’m not a Millenial)

So……….., it appears as though we will begin building our Ranch Style home tomorrow, after all it is all on one-level and as of right now that is what most home buyers are looking for.

Stay tuned!

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