How about fresh air? Sounds like a good idea!

Yesterday we finished the discussion of Septic Systems and today it might be a nice change of pace to talk about something that actually smells nice – fresh air

Every time we build your new home to be more and more and more energy efficient it means that less and less heat is lost.  In order to significantly cut back on heat loss we must stop Cold Air Penetration and conversely we are trying to stop Heat Loss.

That all sounds great.  We are stopping heat loss and obviously cutting back on our energy consumption.  If it were only all that simple; think about it – Cold Air Penetration is fresh air entering your home and heat loss is stale air leaving your house.  The huge problem with that scenario is that it involves wasting energy and that costs you money and is harmful to our environment.

There is a secret trick and if you promise to not tell everyone I will share the secret with you in today’s post.

If there were a way to have fresh air and not loose heat both at the same time it would be fantastic!  The secret trick would be to have the cold air from outside pass through a Heat Recovery thing.  If we could have that happen then the warm air that is being pumped outside would transfer all the heat to the cold air coming inside.  We should work on such an invention!

Oh wait, it has already been invented and it is called a Heat Recovery Ventilator or an HRV.  Look at today’s picture; inside that insulated box is a Heat Recovery Ventilator.  Inside that box is a fan, controls, and a Heat Recovery canister where the warm air passes through the unit and transfers the heat to the incoming cold air.  All that happens without the two “airs” touching each other.  That is the magic part.

So there you have it; we’ve disclosed yet another secret and remember you promised to keep it a secret.  Vermont Modular builds HRV’s into every home. 

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