How about saving a lot of money!

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has just recently published their predictions for financial savings as America conforms to contemporary Energy Codes.

As all of you know Vermont Modular continually talks about Energy Efficiency, savings money, not contributing to Global Warming, doing the right thing for our Environment.  These are all key Core Values of Vermont Modular.

Always out in the distance has been the knowledge that we were doing the right thing.  Now with the help of the DOE we have hard facts and numbers that graphically show how much of an improvement we can actually make.

We want to quote directly from a DOE publication: 

“The Impact of Building Energy Codes

Building energy codes represent a significant savings opportunity for U.S. home and business owners.  Model energy codes for residential and commercial builds are projected to save

  • $126 Billion energy cost savings
  • 841 MMT of avoided CO2 emissions
  • 12.82 quads of primary energy

“These savings equate to the annual emissions of:

  • 177 million passenger vehicles
  • 245 coal power plants
  • 89 million homes”

Go back and read this again!  Go back and absorb the information!  Then see how important everything is when it comes to Energy Efficiency!

Our series of “Winterizing Your Home” is now under way and now you know how much of an impact you can make.

Go back and read this blog again!  This is very important stuff.

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