How about those Heat Pumps! Amazing.

Just this morning I was curious and wanted a first-hand testimonial about how effective Cold Climate Heat Pumps (CCHP) actually are; so I did the only natural thing – I called one of our Vermont Modular homeowners who also had a CCHP installed for them in the plant.  Our homeowner after the winter and hot summer is thrilled and very glad that they had the Heat Pump installed in their new home.  Today’s photograph is a picture of their Heat Pump Compressor.

CCHP’s have several names so you might hear people referring to them as an Air-Source Heat Pump, a Mr. Mini-Split, a Ductless Heating/Air-conditioning, or possibly an Inverter Technology Heat Pump.  Also, there are several brands out there and Vermont Modular IS NOT recommending a particular brand.  We are encouraging everyone to thoroughly research the Heat Pump concept

Take a good look at today’s photograph; you are looking at the Compressor half of the Fujitsu CCHP.  This is the unit where the Magic happens.  In the Compressor either heat or cold is extracted from the air.

The first time I heard this I commented, “….there isn’t any heat in air that is Ten Degrees below Zero!”  Well, yes there is and it makes common sense.  There is far more heat in -10 degree air than in -20 degree air.  Ok, so there’s heat in the air.  And it is the compressor’s job to extract that heat and send it into the house both efficiently and reliably

The real name for Heat Pumps is an Air-Source Heat Pump; this extracts heat from the air.  There is a second type of Heat Pump and that is The Ground Source Heat Pump.  Ground Source Heat Pumps have a more common name – Geo-Thermal where heat is extracted from The Earth.  The Ground Source Heat Pumps are more efficient and far more expensive.

Isn’t the new technology that is available fascinating? 

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