How about Wood Pellets? Do they work?

Earlier today we had visitors in the office and part of the conversation revolved around the installation of a Pellet Fired boiler.

Over the past twenty-five years we have installed hundreds of heating systems, the vast majority have been Propane Fired boilers that create hot water that is pumped throughout the home into the Hot Water Baseboard Heating Elements.  For decades Propane was the fossil fuel of choice and the reason was always the same; “….it is cleaner!”

In the past couple years it seems as though everyone has switched over to The Cold Climate Heat Pumps with Propane being used less and less.

The overall cost of hearing a home through the winter has been researched thoroughly and the use of a Wood-Stove is the least expensive.  I guess they figure the cost of firewood is free because most will simply get their fire wood out “in the woods.”  The next least way to heat your home is with the use of Wood Pellets.

So, today’s conversation about a Wood Pellet fired Boiler was fascinating.  Yes, the use of Pellets requires more work than an automatic gas or CCHP system but, it also represents a significant cost savings.  The Wood Pellet boiler would make hot water that would be pumped throughout the house but not burning any fossil fuel.

Wood Pellets are one of many Renewable Energy Sources and in Vermont have become very popular.  All of us have seen wood pellets for sale all over the place.  One of the nice things about Pellets is that they are most often made locally from local wood.

Let us know what your experience has been with Pellets, we would love to pass along your story for everyone to read.

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