How important is moisture and humidity and water?

For the past couple weeks we have been talking about Cold Air Penetration and Heat Loss

As your home closes up for the winter and the heat turns on the house starts to dry out; we have all noticed how doors seem to shrink, cracks open up, and things seem to fit more loosely.  That is because the humidity in the house is going down and “….and all the boards did shrink.”

Cold air that penetrates to the interior of the house typically holds far less moisture than the hot and humid air of summer time.  An obvious question arises; should we have a humidifier working in the house?  Should we be adding moisture to the air inside?  All this is going on at the same time you are running around looking for lip balm to keep your lips moist and lovely.  (sheesh………)

During the summer the humidity rises, boards swell, cracks close up, and we all seem to sweat in the summer heat.  In the winter the exact opposite happens.  But, what is an acceptable level of moisture in the air we live in?  Normally the acceptable level is between 40% and 50%.  That means the vast majority of homes do NOT need a humidifier, the moisture levels in your home are probably enough.

It is possible to have too high a humidity level in your house.  This is so easy to see in the winter.  If you look at the windows and along the bottom there is droplets of water also known as moisture then the humidity in your home is too high.

The end result is that we suggest and recommend that you do not need a humidifier and that the “winter air” is perfectly healthy.

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