How's your electric bill doing lately?

I came across a little known fact today and want to share with you…………

Did you know that across the nation the average Electric Bill is going down?  In the age of constantly rising prices it is quite the shock to know that the average monthly electric bill in The United States is actually going down.

According to The U.S. Energy Information Administration (eia) average electric bills are down 6% for the same period in 2015.  The really cool news is that here in New England our electric bills are dropping by 7% from the same time period last year.  By the way, I had never heard of the eia until today, isn’t it cool to learn something new every day!

Be careful…………, these percentages, national averages, and regional averages ARE NOT an accurate reflection of your individual monthly bill.  What the eia report is talking about is both the regional and national average costs.  And, the lowering of electrical costs is really good news!

For months and months we have been talking about Cold Climate Heat Pumps to both heat and air condition your home.  These new Heat Pumps are “fueled” completely with electricity; they do not burn fuel oil, natural gas, or propane.  It is now so easy for you to have a modern home without any fossil fuel on your property.  The trend away from coal, fuel oil, propane, kerosene, and even natural gas is happening across the country.

For those of us that truly want to do the right thing for our environment the use of Cold Climate Heat Pumps is the right way to go.  These Heat Pumps have sprung up everywhere and are rapidly becoming common place both commercially and in residential situations.  They are far less to purchase and one of the least expensive to operate.

As we move into winter isn’t it comforting to know that your home will be warm and cozy, you will be protecting the environment, and spending less to heat your home.  All that sounds great!

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