How’s your snow blower doing?

There are lots of people out there that pulled their snow blower out a week ago to see if it was working properly.  Let’s face it, last weekend the weather bureau had predicted the first significant snow storm of this winter.  So………….., out comes the snow blower, cross your fingers, threaten to kill it, and then finally pull the rope to start.  Ok, it never starts on the first pull so do it again!  So, we are about to pull for the second time and YUP, you guessed it ~ nothing! The %$&#** thing refuses to start. 

Here’s our big and wonderful tip for this Friday afternoon.  It is time to replace the gas.  On the surface that seems stupid, gas is gas!  Right?  Well no, there’s gas and then there is old gas that has separated and will cause all kinds of problems with small engines.  Actually old gas can cause all kinds of problems with any kind of engine. 

Most of the time we all think everything is perfectly ok because we put gas in the car and within a week or two the tank is empty and we fill it up again and again and again with new gas.  The gas never gets a chance to sit in the tank long enough to separate and turn into OLD gas.

Unless you are uniquely weird your snow blower hasn’t run since last winter or the better part of eight months ago.  Guess what???????????  That gas has probably separated and is most definitely OLD gas.

Our huge tip for today is to make sure your snow-blower is working well; do that before we have a significant snow storm.  If you goof off and neglect that beauty you will be on the wrong end of a snow shovel.

What are you doing tomorrow?

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