Investments in your home

It appears as though homeowners are continuing to see the bathrooms and kitchens as the essential areas for upgrades, particularly the kitchen.  As homes tend to get smaller owners are investing more in their kitchen as they see the kitchen as the heart of their home.  One of the most over riding concerns for upscale appliances is whether they are Energy Star rated; be sure to check as you go shopping.

The most typical high-end investments are appliances the incorporate the most technologically advanced features although not unnecessary options such as the refrigerator that will send you an email when it's not cold enough.  One feature that is very popular is the "Panel Ready" refrigerator that will accept a refrigerator panel made from wood and material the match the cabinetry, creating a built in look.  Another option is the "Counter Depth" refrigerator, again to create a build in look.

The overall style of refrigerators had dramatically changed with French Doors and the freezer on the bottom leading the list of wanted choices.  Of course there is "water in the door" and the ubiquitous "ice in the door" option.  Remember how there were drawers for vegetables, that's being replaced with separate drawers and separate temperatures to protect food.

In addition to upscale refrigerators there are freezers that fit in a cabinet space under the counter top.  Many of these freezers are drawer units that pull out.  The whole pull out drawer has increased in popularity.  Freezers, refrigerators, microwaves, and ovens all can be bought as a pull out drawer appliance.

Another type of refrigerator that is increasingly popular is the "Under-counter beverage center."  Depending on your preferences this can be filled with vintage wine or soda.  You and I might enjoy the wine but the kids will enjoy the soda; regardless the beverage center is rapidly becoming a popular idea.

While you look at all these ideas don't forget there are several ice making machines that can easily be placed under the counter top as a built in appliance.

Everything today dealt with keeping things cold.  Tomorrow let's look at making things hot and see what's available in the kitchen.

One last thought - every idea we talk about is available at Vermont Modular.

QUIZ - who knows exactly what is in today's picture?

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