It is getting to be that time of year again. Ugh!

This weekend is Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer.  Oh did I mention it is awful for those of us that love summer!?

Not only is it the end of summer or beginning of Autumn but it is also the time of year that many of The Crazies come out and start preaching about how to winterize you home.

Just today we received several emails here at the office describing how it is the time of year when you should consider “....caulking your windows and doors!”  Oh yes, we are supposed to run to the hardware store and buy caulk or some other magic stuff to seal the windows shut.  The flawed logic is that if you caulk the windows shut it will save you tons on your winter heating bills. Well…………….., NO !!

Caulking the windows and doors is similar to worrying about an occasional drip from a faucet while leaving the hose running full tilt out in the yard.  Which do you think will help you the most?  The Crazies will tell you to worry about the drip and ignore the hose; it is all flawed science.  Don’t worry; Vermont Modular is here to help!

Again this fall we will run a series of blogs and try to point out what is CHEAP and EFFECTIVE!   We will show you what to do and how to make a big difference in your heating bill.

For now we strongly suggest you enjoy this beautiful weekend; go swimming, have a picnic, eat a hot dog, drink a beer, and have an ice cream cone.  Summer isn’t gone just yet, the weather forecast for the weekend is spectacular and next week will start helping you winterize your homes on the cheap.


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