It is going to cost you more to heat your house this year!

Today we are going to lean on two long range predictions coming from The Energy Information Administration (EIA) and the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The EIA is predicting that fuel costs this coming winter “…you will likely pay more to heat your home this winter than you die last winter….”

Then NOAA is predicting “….the ski areas …. In the Northeast could see big winters with copious amounts of snowfall.”  And yes, temperatures will be “….lower than normal.”  New England is specifically listed as being “COLD.

So………, it is going to be a cold winter with a lot of snow.  I can see all the skiers and snow mobile riders all smiling and being thrilled.  That ebullient smile will fade when the bill arrives for heating your home.

There is virtually nothing we can do, short of moving to Florida, to escape the cold and snow so don’t even try; that’s a losing battle.

However, if you want to have an impact on your heating bill we can help.  In our “Winterizing Your Home for Winter” series we will talk about a lot of things but throughout we are going to focus closely on THREE things:

  1. Effectiveness – the suggestions we will make must have a significant impact or we won’t discuss them.
  2. Cheap – hey, let’s face it we live in New England and are widely known for being thrifty.  We will take thrifty a tad bit further and stay within cheap.
  3. Myths – yup, we plan to poke holes in some widely discussed myths and show you how and why they are just a lot of bologna. 

Throughout the series please let us know what you think!  What will make all this the very best if you email in your questions an thoughts.  (

RECAP – so far we’ve talked about breathing houses, higher fuel costs, and lower than normal temperatures.

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