It happens every year without fail.

We live here in Vermont where many will comment that the weather is simply awful.  Much of the year it is cold, snowy, ice covered, windy, and for some us just miserable.  However there is nothing quite as wonderful as a summer in Vermont.  The results of my very NON-scientific study reports that during the summer people are at the beach, eating hot dogs, and simply enjoying summer, worries about winter’s cold are ignored.

Then just like this morning, we all get a wake-up call; it gets cold.  Here is Shelburne this morning it was 38 degrees, a far cry from the 70’s over the weekend.  Oh well, autumn may be chilly but it is beautiful

Interest in building a new home suddenly becomes very important after that cold morning.  Here at Vermont Modular the phone and email have been uniquely busy today.  We have one client that is hurriedly working on bank paperwork so her new home can be delivered quickly, another is busy with floor plans and designs; it is a busy and exciting time of year.

The fall months of the year prove to be our busiest time of the year and we strongly encourage all of you to shift into high gear.  Let us know how we can help build your Vermont Dream!

We emphasize building homes that are 100% Custom Built, right down to the tiniest detail.  Your new home will be exactly the way you want.  Honestly, we have never understood why people would settle for a “Cookie Cutter” style house.  Let us build you new home so it reflects your individual wants and needs.

Secondly, we put a huge emphasis on Energy Conservation.  We strive to build using the most modern and technologically advanced products in a unique combination that end up as a very Energy Efficient home that will serve you well for years to come.

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