It has been really HOT lately and that causes unique problems.

Yesterday we had an intriguing question presented to us; one of our dear friends called asking about water in the basement; how did it get there was the obvious question.

There are several possible culprits:

  1. Ground water – if water were getting in the basement from the ground it would indicate that the perimeter drains had failed; not likely.
  2. Leaking pipes inside the house – possibly but probably not as it would be so quickly seen; again not likely.
  3. Water seeping out from brand new concrete – not really
  4. Condensation – YES!

Take a look at today photograph.  The cold drink (doesn’t that look great on such a hot day) is sweating.  All of us have put a can of cold soda on a table during the summer HOT WEATHER and then quickly noticed a puddle under the can.  We have all done this.

During summer’s heat this problem happens.  For the most part a cold can of soda will not sweat during the winter but, in the summer heat it will sweat and leave a puddle.

The concrete foundation is down in the earth and will absorb the 52 degree temperature of the earth.  That concrete is then exposed to the heat similar to what we have had for the past several days and just like the can of soda it will sweat.  Since the basement foundation is so big it will sweat a lot of water causing puddles all over the basement floor.

We have all had or used one of the cheap foam liners for our cold soda, it immediately stops the sweating.  Toilet tanks also sweat during the summer because the water is so cold. 

Your basement wall needs to be covered or insulated so that the cold concrete is not exposed to the summer’s heat.  That insulation in the basement will immediately stop the condensation of water.

This is obviously a summer problem, it doesn’t happen in the winter.  Enjoy your summer!

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