It needs to work for you, not someone else!

As spring is truly here we are getting a lot of folks in asking all sorts of questions about design and function for their new home. 

Please remember that Vermont Modular as a company specializes in 10% Custom Built homes that are Energy Efficient.  Those are the two underlying precepts that guide our business.  Both Blaine and I are committed to building only what people want rather than what might be in a booklet of suggested plans.

The exact same thing applies to specific construction details.  We are currently ordering a home that will be delivered right here in Chittenden County with totally unique building specifications.  The obvious question is WHY?  Why would someone deviate from what we have developed as our standard specifications?  That may sound complicated but it really is a very easy question to answer.  Our client has a set of specific criteria that he wants included within his home.  Isn’t is best for us to provide advise and then at the end build exactly what the homeowner wants?  We believe it is our responsibility. 

So, when you are designing and building your new home we very strongly suggest that you build the home exactly the way you want.  Don’t worry about what the next owner will like or dislike.  Build exactly what you want!

Some families love huge kitchens while others do not.  The exact same thing can be said for bathrooms; some couples want a huge bathroom and the next will want only the barest of minimums.  Either way, we suggest you build what you like. After all, aren’t you the homeowner!  Call us and we will help you design your dream home.

By the way, today’s picture is a real home that was honestly built “upside-down.”  They build what they wanted.

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