Kitchen – Appliances

Kitchen – Appliances

In today’s modern kitchen one of the major concerns is your selection of appliances.  Today let’s only talk about large appliances; the range, refrigerator, and dishwasher.  Today’s photograph isn’t exactly the most modern range but vintage ranges are in great demand and end up costing a lot. 

When considering a range there are basically two sources of energy for you to consider; gas or electric.  However, it’s not quite that simple.  The most popular source of energy is electric although the gas range fans are fiercely loyal.  Honestly, it seems as though people pick the type of kitchen range that they grew up with whether it be gas or electric. 

Gas ranges are powered either by Natural Gas or Liquid Propane Gas.  Most of Vermonters that use gas are talking about Propane as Natural Gas is available in limited areas only.  The most popular gas range is referred to as a “Dual Fuel” range where the cook top is gas and the oven is electric.  Appliance selection is complicated as there are so many options.

Electric ranges come is many variations. 

  1. Cook tops and separate wall oven(s)
  2. Burners can be powered by many types whether it be the conventional coils, halogen, glass tops, or the newest is Induction. 
  3. Ovens can be a typical oven or have the Convection option included

Whichever option you choose we strongly recommend that you make sure your new range is Energy Star Compliant.  Purchasing Energy Star Compliant appliances will save on your energy bill, be the right thing for the environment, and make you eligible for sizable rebates, but only for Energy Star appliances.

This is a very brief discussion of just the Range.  Have fun choosing your new appliances as part of building your dream home.


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