Kitchen – Appliances, Cooking

Kitchen – Appliances, Cooking

Here we are in the kitchen again today which is almost always referred to as The Heart of a Home.  And, within the kitchen it seems as though everything revolves around the kitchen sink or the kitchen stove/range.   Just the other day we introduced you to the cute baby getting a bath in the sink.

As far as the actual cooking is concerned there are two newer ideas floating around.  The first is Convection Cooking.  Inside the oven are fans that circulate hot air around the food and speed up the transfer of heat to the food.  If what’s in the oven is there for less time it obviously takes less energy to cook the same food. 

Recently we had a client purchase a new range and the upgraded price to include the convection option was a whopping Ten-Bucks.  That’s a fantastic deal for a really Energy Efficient idea.  If you are in the need for a new oven, make sure you look at this.  It is available with Microwave Ovens too.

The second “new idea” that is out and about is Induction Cooking as compared to conventional flame or electric burners.  An Induction range uses oscillating magnetism to heat the pan.  The cook top, which looks very similar to a glass cook top never gets hot.  Only the pan is heated and that is far more energy efficient than an open flame or any one of several electric devices. 

The amazing thing about Induction Cooking is that it is “Instant On” and “Instant Off’”.  So, if something is boiling over it can be instantly stopped.

Induction cooking is not new; it has been used throughout Europe for decades but is relatively new in America.  With so much attention being paid to energy efficiency is makes good sense to consider Induction cooking, it is available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit into your choice of style.

Today’s Joke………….

Why did Johnny jump up and down before drinking his juice?

The container said to shake well before drinking.  Well Duh!

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