Kitchen – Gas Heating Appliances

Kitchen – Gas Heating Appliances

Since it is winter let’s take a minute and look at heating options for your home.  Actually today’s conversation is going to be limited to a discussion of what NOT to do. 

Unfortunately there are people who continue to use Un-Vented gas fired heating appliances.  These types of heat sources vary greatly but all of them have one thing in common – none of them have any type of chimney or vent.  Obviously the result is that the fumes are exhausted directly into the living space.  This approach has only one advantage that is widely advertised, the gas heating appliance is 100% efficient, none of the heat is lost “up the chimney.”

Within the fumes of burning gas is Carbon Dioxide.  Did you know that Carbon Dioxide in a confined space such as your family room displaces oxygen and quickly people become dizzy, disoriented, and can become suffocated.  Yes, Carbon Dioxide can and does kill people.  If Carbon Dioxide exposure continues we can become overwhelmed.  It is extremely dangerous to have one of these non-vented gas appliances in your home!

As if Carbon Dioxide wasn’t enough the fumes of the burning gas have extremely high levels of moisture and left unchecked this moisture can lead to increased levels of mold and mildew. 

If you have a non-vented gas heating appliance we suggest you get rid of it.  If you are considering the purchase of a non-vented heater, our advice is simple – don’t!

By the way, we happen to think today's fireplace is ugly, it fits with the whole idea of non-vented.



Joke time…………………….

Question:  Where do birds invest their money?

Answer:  In the Stork market.

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