Kitchens – Counter Tops

Kitchens – Counter Tops

Yesterday we introduced the topic of Counter tops and relegated all of them into two categories, Laminate and Solid Surface.  Ok, I apologize, that is perhaps too much of a simplification and for those of you that noticed I am sorry.  However, let’s stick with the two basic types for this discussion.

Laminate Counter tops.  Laminate counter tops are probably the most common and most popular, many of us know them as Formica.  Well, Formica is an actual brand whereas Formica manufactures Laminate counter tops along with another company WilsonArt.  Those are the two major manufacturers.  In all of the lumber yards, big-box stores, and so on there are hundreds of small “chips” or samples of color, patterns, and styles.  Some are fairly common-place and some are very intricate.  Every single one of the samples is available from Vermont Modular in your new home. 

Solid Surface counter tops.  The solid surface counters can get difficult to follow as there are so many different options whereas the Laminates are virtually all the same just different colors.  With the Solid Surface tops there are two major types:

  1. Man made
  2. Natural

All of the various “stone” counter tops have a distinct advantage; they are perceived as more beautiful and can easily handle hot pots and pans being put on them.  The Laminate will melt with a hot pan.  Also, solid surface counter tops can easily have the sink as an integral part of the counter top – very cool!

There are disadvantages also to the Solid Surface; first is the increase in cost.  You guessed it, they are a lot more expensive.  Further the stone counter tops require more maintenance.  They can scratch, stain, and discolor.  All of these problems can be easily solved but it is a maintenance issue. 

Remember that in your new home there are three things that make a house “POP” from ordinary to extraordinary.  Bathrooms – Kitchen – Floor Coverings.

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