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Kitchens: More Trending

Yesterday we started a conversation about what the latest trends in kitchen design are apt to be.  Out goes the high tech gizmos that are mentally joined at the hip with your phone.  In comes pull-out bins for trash and recycle.

But, a huge thing is color and layout.  Surprisingly there is a hands-down favorite color for cabinetry.  And the color is, white.  Surveys have been taken across America and most of Europe.  The amazing thing is that the overwhelming favorite color is white.

Once a color and pull out bins are set the next big thing is the overall shape of the kitchen.  Is it a Galley Kitchen, an “U” shape, or an “L”?  Of course Island are very popular.  In the United States and Canada there is a “most favorite” shape for a kitchen and that is, the “U” shape; probably because of its ease and function.  Remember function is far more popular than gadgets and gizmos that talk with your phone.

The “U” shape works nicely because it requires less steps from one point to another, it has a good functionality to it.

In most of the remaining countries of the world The “L” shape is the king.  And lastly if you live in Denmark you will strongly favor the Galley kitchen.

Isn’t it cool how everyone sees the exact same thing differently.

As you design your new kitchen it really doesn’t matter which color or style is most popular.  Your new kitchen needs to work the best for you and your family.  Remember, every home is 100% Custom Built so you can have exactly what you want.

How about Soft Close doors and Soft Close drawers?  There’s something really nice about things not slamming shut.

It is so much fun to think, plan, and dream.


Daily Joke....................

Question:  How does a skeleton call friends?

Answer:  On the tele-bone.

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