Kitchens – more of what is trending

Kitchens – more of what is trending

We have talked about popular features and colors.  Today let’s look at counter tops.  In today’s photograph, a typical 1920’s kitchen, the counter tops were often made from Stainless Steel or Linoleum; neither of which are widely used today.

In the modern kitchen of the 21st Century counter tops fall into basically two major categories:

  1.  Laminate materials.  Most of us know laminate counter tops as Formica or WilsonArt.  This man-made material comes in many colors and finishes.  Since it is completely artificial it has a very uniform quality.  One piece of Laminate Counter Top will match another of the same color.  Laminate counter tops are widely used as they are beautiful, easy to work with, and cost effective. 
  2. Solid Surface.  The term Solid Surface describes counter tops that are various types of Stone.  Solid Surface counter tops are basically in two catagories:
    1. Man Made – this would be the Corian, Quartz, and many other manufactured stone counters.  Since they are man-made their colors are uniform and easily predicted.
    2. Natural Stone – this is typically the Granite Counter tops.  Each and every piece of Granite has a unique color because it is a natural stone that is mined from the earth, cut into huge slabs, and then cut locally to fit in your kitchen.  Many times the colors will vary from one end of the counter to the other.

Each type of counter top has its unique characteristics.  Each has unique advantages and downsides.  We will discuss this tomorrow.


Today’s Joke………….

Question:  Why did the invisible builder turn down the job?

Answer:  He couldn’t see himself doing it.

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