Kitchens – Sinks

Kitchens – Sinks

The other day we took a look at counter tops and today let’s look at the preverbal kitchen sink.  For those of you that know your history the kitchen sink was often located in The Scullery Room, or that special place where dishes, pots, and pans were washed.  How’s that for useless knowledge.

Today’s modern kitchen revolves around either the sink or the range. 

The kitchen sink comes in all kinds of materials, number of bowls, shapes, designs, and it is impossible for us to talk about all of them.

The most popular sink material is Stainless Steel and probably most are the double bowl variety although we have seen a resurgence of popularity in the single bowl.  For the longest time the second bowl was for rinsing the dishes.  How’s that a flash back to the Scullery Room?  Today most modern homes have a dishwasher so the single bowl kitchen sink is returning in popularity.

Also, let’s face it the single bowl sink is easier to give the baby his/her bath.  It seems as though every family has that adorable picture of the baby in the sink.  Everyone loves the picture except for the baby that has long since grown up and cringes every time the picture surfaces.

After stainless steel probably the next most popular style of sink are the “Solid Surface” sinks.  These are so cool because the counter top and the sink are all one piece.  Take a look at yesterday’s photograph.

There are so many “Farmers’ Sinks” that create a whole new look.  Then there are “Top Mount” sinks where the lip of the sink sits on top of the counter as compared to the “Under-Mount” sink that hangs from the underside of the counter top.

So, double bowl, single bowl, stainless steel, solid surface, top mount, and under-mount. 

Oh, next you can think about all the zillions of types of faucets available. 

All this just makes your kitchen the heart of your new home.  Design away and have fun.

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