Kitchens – what is trending

Kitchens - what is trending

The “depths of winter” is a great time to sit by the fire and dream, perhaps dream about your new home.  Central to every home is the kitchen.  So we thought it might be a good idea to take a look at what are the current trends in kitchens.

For those of you considering Avocado appliances this might be helpful.  Some things are no longer popular.  By the way, do you remember Avocado appliances?

The kitchen of the future is surprisingly not an extension of your phone.  Lately it seems as though everything is connected to the phone but evidently not the kitchen.  The latest surveys indicate people don't care about the email from the refrigerator that tells you it is time to change the water filter.  Nor are people looking to control the oven from their phone.  Would you like to have your phone tell you when is the optimal time to run your “Smart Dishwasher?”  Evidently all these gizmos and gadgets from the future are not what people are looking for.

Function is the key factor that is high on the survey lists.  How does everything work and how well does it function.  That is what people are after!  Very high on the list of “…things I just must have” are pull out plastic bins for both trash and recycle.

After the pull out bins for trash and recycle comes a Pantry.  It seems as though Pantries have come back big time and are very popular.  Lately Vermont Modular has been designing kitchens with Pantries, it really is popular but not quite as high on the list as Pull-Out bins for trash and recycle.

If you are looking for a “Space Age” kitchen this isn’t what everyone else is looking for and you are apt to be in a crowd of one. 

What are you looking for in your new kitchen?  Let us know and we will do some research and share with everyone.

Today’s photograph is a typical 1920’s kitchen.

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