Let's get back to work!

Here we go.  Last week we built the Floor Deck and learned all the various terminology for the parts and how everything goes together.

We have built the perimeter bands, installed joist hangers, installed the main center carrying beam, and then we cut and fit in the floor joists.  All that so we can install the floor deck of ¾” OSB.  Don’t forget to glue everything together for superior strength and stability!  Next comes the plates for our exterior and interior walls.  The layout for the entire building is absolutely critical so that everything ends up being built according to the plans and drawings.

With the construction of every home there absolutely must be a set of detailed drawings that tell the builder where everything is.  With a modular home those drawings are extremely detailed.  Many times with a site built home it is possible for the homeowners to change their minds while the house is being built.  But, with a modular that is impossible.

All of the various decisions must be made prior to the home being built.  All the various tiny details are accounted for so that upon delivery the home is exactly the way you want.

As the house is being built the entire layout, measurements, and specifications are accounted for.  Your new home will be exactly the way you want.

We encourage you to take a look at our web site and all the information that’s available.  For example we have a Download that is available for you that will explain exactly what goes on in the plant.  Check it out……. https://www.vermontmodularhomes.com/information/downloads/plant

Let us know what you think!  We are always looking for your feedback.  We hope this series is helpful to you as a prospective homeowner. 


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